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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Cremation is a more affordable option

Many of us are still recovering from the economic recession, and others are older Americans who live on a fixed income. For those, cremation is the best way to go. According to this infographic, traditional burials costs have risen 827 percent in the last 50 years. That means the average cost for a traditional burial has risen more than s$6000.00. Cremation costs have stayed relatively low.

Option to Create a Custom Urn & Private Memorial

Paying tribute to your loved one’s memory with cremation does not mean you can only scatter ashes. You can create a custom urn and a celebration of life party to create a personal memorial. The possibilities are endless with imagination.

Since we live in a mobile society, you can take your loved one with you if you move or travel. You are no longer limited to a burial plot in order to visit or remember your loved one. You can create a private memorial in your own home or garden.

Peace of Mind

Since most folks identify themselves as “spiritual, not religious,” this is quickly becoming a popular option. Most religions now have special considerations if someone wished to be cremated. By offering you more options and saving you more money you can easily see why cremation is the popular choice among families who want peace of mind when planning final arrangements.


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