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  • Does my loved have to be embalmed?
    Your loved one doesn’t have to be embalmed if direct cremation/burial will take place.
  • Who will file the death certificate and how soon will I receive it?
    In all cases Premier Crematory will file all death certificates and most cases death certificates will be ready in two to three weeks
  • How soon will I receive the cremains of my loved one?
    After making final arrangements and signing Premier Crematory’s authorization to cremate you will receive your loved one the following day.
  • How will I know that I'm getting the quality that loved one deserves?
    At Premier Crematory, we take pride in the quality of service you will receive from each of our staff members. Upon request we are happy to present testimonials from previous families we have served.
  • Can a funeral take place before cremation?
    Premier Crematory can provide a funeral and/or a memorial service upon request.
  • How will I know that this is my loved one after the cremation has taken place?
    Here at Premier Crematory it is our goal to set a “Higher Standard of Cremation” and in doing this we have many policies and procedures set in place to ensure that you will receive only the cremains of your loved one.
  • What is the radius in which Premier Crematory will serve my family?
    Premier Crematory is proud to serve all of Georgia.
  • Will the VA/Medicare ect. pay for the cremation of my loved one?
    In most cases they will not. However there are are benefits you may be eligible for and at the time of arrangement all options will be explored.
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