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Not all cremation providers are the same when it comes to pricing and packages.

Ask your provider to thoroughly explain how they price their services and what is included within each price range. The Funeral Rule is a law that requires funeral homes to offer clear pricing for consumers. Ask for a copy of their price list to see what you’re paying for.

You should also ask your provider if they have a remembrance center where you can browse urns, keepsakes, caskets and other personalization items for sale. Keep in mind that if you’re working with a stand-alone crematory, instead of a funeral home, your options will be limited.

If you’re coordinating final arrangements through a funeral home, ask them if they have an on-site crematory. Most funeral homes work with third-party providers and temporarily transfer your loved ones into their care.

If the funeral home outsources their cremations, or if you’re working with a stand-alone crematory, you need to find out where your loved one will be transferred to and how they will be returned. In some cases, families have had their loved one’s cremains returned in a cardboard box. Our experienced professionals make sure you get exactly what you desire each step of the way. You should also ask if you could tour the cremation facility to ensure it is clean and well maintained. Also, make sure the provider explains how your loved one will be identified to ensure the proper remains are returned.

Consider the type of gathering your family wants to have. The type of remembrance service you select affects your options during the cremation process. If your loved one chooses to have a funeral service, ask about renting a casket. For a memorial service with cremated remains present, ask your provider if they have an area where you can hold a service after the cremation.

Even if your family selects a simple cremation with no memorial or visitation, ask if you can be present when the cremation takes place. Some providers offer a waiting room for families. Consider what your loved one wants as their final resting place, and ask your provider what options they provide. Not all providers offer what you’re looking for, so asking questions up-front will help you make the right selection.

Reading testimonials will help you become more confident in your final decision. What other families say about their experience can give you some valuable insight.

Your provider should have printed materials or testimonials on their website. If not, perform a quick Google search for reviews on your cremation provider before making your final decision. You might even ask to see some “Thank you” notes sent from previous clients. These will give you a great indication of how families before felt about the service they received.

Asking these series of questions will help you find the best, most reputable provider in your area and budget. Remember that if your provider cannot answer these questions, they may not be the best option.


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